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                  Frank Geiger


     The photo above shows our "Movable, Tunable Tone Amplifier For All Banjos" as it existed until June 2, 2018.  On that date we replaced the sound surface wave input tape (shown in the photo above the cross) with the four components shown in the drawing on the upper right.  These new components, and the new installation method which is also shown in the drawing, greatly amplified the sound surface waves before they entered the body of the tone amp, in effect acting like a "supercharger" to the tone amp.  The result was greatly increased volume, a beautiful sound from all frequencies and an ideal amount of sustain for playing solos.

     Because performance is so superior we've given it a new name, "Supercharged, Movable, Tunable Tone Amplifier For All Banjos".

     More good news is that the price remains the same, $19 plus $1 shipping to US addresses and $2 elsewhere.

     The "Travel Caddy" is no longer applicable to this new tone amp so is no longer included or recommended.

   As before, our Bass and Enhancer Amplifier ($14)  is recommended for use with this tone amplifier.

     The drawing and a detailed explanation of how it works can be downloaded from the "Ideas and Downloads" page.
     Our ​​"Banjo Bass & Enhancer Amp" (patent pending) is the ideal companion to our Tone Amp because it improves the volume, sound quality and sound duration ("sustain") of all frequencies.  The price is only $14 USD plus $1 USD postage to U.S. addresses and $2 USD to Europe.  Its performance with our Tone Amp is far superior than the performance of either amplifier used by itself.

     Originally designed as a bass note amplifier, (the brown part in the photo), the quality of the bass notes was initially disappointing!  To improve sound quality we added a high frequency amplifier, (the white part in the photo), to amplify the harmonics of the low notes, and co-located the audible outputs of both amplifiers one on top of the other so that they would mix.  The sound was delightful!  Not only were the bass notes rich and beautiful, volume, sound quality and sustain of all frequencies were all greatly improved.  So we changed the name from "Bass Amp" to "Bass and Enhancer Amp".  You can download the"Theory and Directions" document (2-pages) free on the "Ideas and Downloads" page and read how it works with a sideview drawing.  Finally we made the price incredibly low so that you will enjoy hearing it as much as we do.

     Apologies for this overexposure of our Amplifier and Sound Enhancer, "Lulu", ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​(Patent Pending), for violins and violas. Lulu is not quite a product yet even though it makes our violin sound absolutely "heavenly" because we just discovered a new way to keep it from sliding around inside the violin and want to perfect that before offering it for sale.  But it won't be long and the wait will certainly be worth it if you love great violin sound as much as we do.  

     So, this is an advanced look at what I would say is our finest accomplishment, because "Lulu" makes our rented test violin sound like an expensive violin.  It's going to make a lot of violin players and violin students (and maybe their parents) very, very happy.
This photo shows an "Optional Tone Piece Set" which is available for customers who want to experiment with different tone pieces for use with their "Movable Tone Amplifier for All Banjos".  It consists of three tone pieces of brass, maple wood plus an extra steel.  (One steel tone piece comes attached to the Tone Amplifier.)  Price is $14 plus $1 postage.