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                  Frank Geiger

Frank Geiger

Geiger Acoustic Devices

      Inventor and promoter of movable, temporary attachments for acoustic stringed musical instruments.  These simple devices automatically utilize the instruments' own "Surface Acoustic Waves (SAWS)" to significantly  improve volume and sound quality without added power.  


     I have chosen to no longer offer my products for sale but to place all products, including those listed as "Patent Pending", in the Public Domain to encourage their construction and improvement by others.

     As a result this site is currently being modified to describe how you can make them for your own use or make them for sale to others.  My hope is that this step will encourage experimentation and competition among many for the benefit of everyone.

     Please watch this site for details about how you can construct the latest and most efficient versions of my inventions, including my new and exciting amplifier and sound enhancer for acoustic guitars which I've been enjoying daily!

     Also, please be patient with my progress since drawings and detailed explanations will take some time.  I will be including my own ideas about how they work for those interested.

     To those who purchased products from me, thank you for your orders and kind letters of support.  Keep playing and improving music!

                       Frank Geiger  October 21, 2018
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