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                  Frank Geiger

Frank Geiger

Geiger Acoustic Devices

      Inventor and promoter of movable, temporary attachments for acoustic stringed musical instruments.  These simple devices automatically utilize the instruments' own "Surface Acoustic Waves (SAWS)" to significantly  improve volume and sound quality without added power.  

ANNOUNCEMENT, March 17, 2019

     If you are an inventor sometimes you just have to be "wishy-washy".  Because over the last few months I have come up with my finest invention to improve the sound quality and volume of all banjos, which may be equally applicable to acoustic guitars, (although time will tell about that).  So I'm going to have to take back my promise not to patent new  inventions so I can sell them to those who don't want to make their own and make a buck for my trouble.  

     For those who want to make their own, and I hope that there are many, I have posted downloadable drawings, an explanation of how they work and instructions on this website.  You will find these devices very easy and inexpensive to make with household tools and inexpensive supplies.

     Banjo Newsletter regular contributor, Bob Piekiel, ("Earl's Way"), has tested one in his banjo and was very impressed with the sound of it for Bluegrass. He will be demonstrating it in a Bluegrass 5-string banjo jam in Nashville on March 25th.  And I will demonstrate one in my Gibson tenor in a gig on March 29th.  We're going to knock the socks off both audiences!

     Please Check The Downloads Page For My New Placement Method To Install The New Dual High and Low Frequency Banjo Amplifiers For Maximum Volume, Sustain and Sound Quality.
                             Frank Geiger     April 20, 2019
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