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How To  Order or Contact Me

HOW To Order
First, determine what you want to order and add up the total amount of your order in U S Dollars ( USD).  You can always mail us your order with a check in U.S. Dollars on a U.S. Bank, but whether you are in the United States or not, the easiest way to order from us is through Paypal (  We pay for their service and it works well for everyone.  When you order it is a good idea to send us an email telling us what you are ordering.  

You don't have to be a member of Paypal and use one of your own credit cards to order.  If you are a member of Paypal you can also pay for your order from your Paypal account. If you are not in the United States Paypal also converts your currency to US dollars.  It is a good idea to send your shipping address to both Paypal and to us ([email protected]) to ensure that we have it.  When your credit card credit is approved by Paypal they will deposit the amount of your order into our Paypal account ([email protected]) and email us of this fact.  Then we make and ship your order through the postal service.  We love to hear from our customers so please introduce yourself and tell us a little about youself and your instrument.  
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Geiger Acoustic Devices
190 Berwick Drive, N E
Sandy Springs, GA 30328-1205
TEL :  770-396-4143
EMAIL : geige[email protected]